Meadows Montessori School New Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures:

We are taking every precaution advised by the CDC to reduce the risk of spreading the new COVID-19 virus. It is our intention to offer the safest environment for families and their children during this time. Thank you for your cooperation:

Effective 5/4/2020 until further notice, the following are our safety and new drop off procedures:

  • We ask that all our families take every precaution outside of school and home to protect themselves and their family from contracting the virus (for example, wearing a mask while out in public, washing hands and items touched often, changing of clothes after being around other people not within your immediate household, Lysol/disinfect your vehicle and home on a regular basis as needed, etc.)
  • No outside items allowed at this time, except baby items (diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifier, etc)
  • Children will be required to wear a mask or other face covering. If you do not have one available, you may purchase a washable one from the school for $5.00 each.
  • We will open at 7:00 am. Please wear a mask at drop off.
  • Parents/Guardians will ring the doorbell and wait inside the door. A staff member will meet you at the door and take your child’s temperature to make sure there is no fever (99.0 or above). Please DO NOT give fever reducing medicine to your child. If he/she is sick, they will NOT be allowed in school. We want to be diligent about keeping our staff and children as safe and healthy as possible.
  • Parent/Guardian will apply hand sanitizer on child’s hands before entering the building.
  • Child will change out of shoes and put on school/house shoes.
  • Children’s hands are washed with soap and water once inside the classroom. 

The following are our new pick up procedures:

  • We will close by 5:00 pm until further notice.
  • Please ring doorbell and enter, but wait at the front door. Please, only 1 parent at a time to maintain 6-foot separation. A staff member will meet you at the door with your child. 

Some additional measures we are taking to insure the well-being of our children and staff:

  1. We will be disinfecting highly used surfaces and items after every use.
  2. Limit the number of items children may use each day.
  3. Our hours of operation with be temporarily changed to 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  4. Each class will have no more that 10 people, including the teacher.
  5. Children will remain in their designated class throughout the day.
  6. We will attempt to keep children 6 feet apart.
  7. We will also remove from the classrooms: all soft toys that need laundering, dress up clothes, play dough and slime, water table and sand table.
  8. Children will no longer serve their own food or drink as teacher will do this at that the table.
  9. Staff will year masks throughout their shift as will all children 2 and older. Teachers working with the 2 and under, will also wear a face shield for extra protection.